Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can Administrators reset passwords?
  • Do I need to create another account if my child attends a different school this year? The Logo from our old school is showing.
  • How can I add Coaches Management to my account? I do not have the Go To Portal button to access Coaches Management
  • How do Administrators create an account?
  • How do coaches create an account?
  • How do I merge my accounts if we have created more than one account?
  • How do parents create an account?
  • What if my login email is no longer a valid email address?

Athlete Information

  • How can I update my athlete's Guardian Information?
  • How can I update my athlete's insurance information?
  • I registered my athlete for a sport, but the site is still saying they are not on any teams?
  • My athlete's grade is wrong, how can I change it?

Coach Information

  • How do I add athletes to an existing roster?
  • What can Assistant Coaches do?

Register for a Sport

  • How do I register my athlete for a sport?
  • Where is the registration I started?

School Administrator Functions

  • What does Inactive Registration mean?


  • Why does my athlete's registration say Transfer Pending?


  • Why won't my e-signature work?